WITL: that’s a wrap

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Week in the Life has drawn to a close. It’s a fair amount of work to keep it up all week. All those photos, notes, and documenting take time and energy. I looked forward to this morning when I could wake up and do my thing without picking up the camera and pen. You know what I did? I wanted to take a picture of Mr. Baby saying good morning to me. It’s a story worth telling and my mind has been re-wired. I’m looking at our lives through that those WITL colored glasses. I like what I see.

This past week was in no shape or form a regular week. About midway through I started calling it a series of unfortunate events. Nothing horrible happened, though much of it was uncomfortable for me. It was one of those weeks where all the plans changed, nothing went as expected, all bets were off. I just sort of went with it. What else could I do?

What I found is that it was something I really needed: to let go.

On July 30th I was in a car accident. A driver and plowed in to a line of cars at a stop light. It was scary. I’m still dealing with the aftermath. I’ve also been looking at the experience as a metaphor for being at a standstill in my life. Traumatic experiences are like that. They force us to evaluate, don’t they?

I’m so used to driving, both figuratively and metaphorically. I am the impetus behind most movement and action on our little family unit. We are out of food and I get groceries. Someone needs something done and I do it. I’ve spent my energy getting things done. Pushing our lives forward. Moving. Growing. I was on a roll with the illusion of control.

All the sudden there were so many things I couldn’t control no matter what I did. When will the insurance company call back? When they call back. When will my back and neck feel better? After I rest. Will Orion be ready for school? As ready as he will ever be. THAT stuff. Over the course of the week I quieted my concerns with responses but no answers. It will happen when it happens.

I turned my attention to us. I started to look at the stories that make up our lives. These things are love. These things are life. This is us. It helped me move out of a place of holding on to the illusion of control, to see our micro universe in detail. These are the photos and stories that spoke to me from my Week in the Life.

I look forward to telling these stories in depth in my little notebooks for WITL. How did it go for you?