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I wrote the other day about Week in the Life, an annual project to document an average week. I created a kit and a series of notebooks to document the week. I’ve gathered some resources I found interesting/inspiring to help me prepare for the week ahead. Even if you don’t plan on participating in WITL, these are worth a gander.

Megan of theNerdnest posted a checklist of things she’s doing to prepare for WITL. I am particularly fond of “giving a heads up” to family. It’s best to have everyone on board. I asked my husband to participate and take photos of his time at work.

Photo Prompts by Melanie Louette over at Studio Calico. I love Melanie’s perspective on every day life and these photo prompts will put you in a relaxed mood for WITL.

This post by Elise Blaha-Cripe covers the basics of perspective shooting. While these are standard techniques, Elise’s take on them produces spectacular results.

10 Photo Assignments to Stimulate your Creativity. I plan on following along with these assignments to keep my focus on the stories we live.

Something just for fun: Dear Data is visual display of a weeks worth of data on a variety of topics that include looking in mirrors, wardrobe, and loving/being irritated by spouse.


I’m excited that we have a full week ahead of us. Last year we had nothing at all going on. WITL this year falls when I will be doing something for the first and only time: Orion is starting college. (He was accepted in to the dual credit program at our community college where he will be finishing his last couple of high school credits along with earning college credits at the same time.) I’m over the moon excited for him but now that it’s actually happening, I’m pretty freaked out. We have a few adventures ahead of us this week. I’m trying to both wrap my brain around them and figure out how to document the experience and tell the story.

I have everything ready for Week in the Life. On your mark, get set…..take a deep breath….



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  1. cindy

    I recognize that place! Have a great week and can’t wait to see how you document it.