What I did on my vacation….Part 2

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I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around telling this story. It’s difficult because we did so much over a chunk of time. I thought about just telling it in photos, too. To be honest, I haven’t been able to get through them all. yes, there are THAT many!¬†Here are the highlights.

We saw a rainbow, a full moon, storms in the distance, fog over Cozumel, the mountains of Roatan, Tullum glowing in the morning sun, amazing sun rises, sunsets, and the bluest water.

We saw monkeys, toucans, all sorts of fish, a sea turtle in it’s natural habitat, and many, many cool interesting people.

We walked, climbed stairs, hiked on beaches, snorkeled, swam, dove underwater, relaxed in hot tubs, did yoga, and hit the spa.

We ate amazing Indian, fresh seafood, a tiny cheeseburger, and lots of great food.

We rode in taxis, vans, catamarans, boats, and one big ship.

We visited three countries and left our hearts in one: Honduras. We will be back!


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