Vacation Memory Keeping: Travelers Notebook

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Earlier this week I posted about our vacation to the Southern Caribbean. I wanted to share my completed travel journal from the trip. This type of memory keeping was totally new to me. I found a scaled down traveler’s notebook at our local Art Box. It came with this cool little book with clocks for keeping track of things, weather icons, and a couple of extra pages in a list and grid format. The book was perfect for this trip. I tend to keep track of what we do based on time or sequence of events. It’s just how my brain works. Having a chronological frame of reference helps me when I want to go back and fill in with feelings and experiences.

A few things to note:

  • This is not the complete book. These are some of my favorite pages.
  • I prepped the time keeping and facing pages for each day of our trip. I used our itinerary to help guide my designs.
  • I took time every evening to write about the day. Some days included lists or notes on the facing page. I tried to leave space for photos but that didn’t always work. I knew I would have room on the next two pages to scrapbook that day.
  • When i returned home I printed photos for each of the days, added journaling and embellishments.
  • I didn’t concern myself with bulky embellishments because I knew this book would be a stand alone project. <—— This right here is a game changer. It means for future traveler’s notebooks I don’t have to worry about flat. I can just use the supplies I want and make them a mini book.

I’m heading out on another journey shortly and wanted this DONE before I did. I’m excited to approach memory keeping this way. It’s much more in tune with where I am with my life than anything else I’ve tried. That’s one of the coolest things about scrapbooking though: you can always change it up.

I hope you enjoyed my traveler’s notebook. I’ll be back to share another journey soon!