Switching from Project Life to a Traveler’s Notebook


My desktop a few weeks ago. I’m so over it.

This was my first year to do Project Life or pocket-style scrapbooking for my memory keeping. You may remember that I started with a Heidi Swapp Memory Planner last year. I loved it so much that I decided to embrace pocket scrapbooking for 2015. I’ve enjoyed it about 70% of the time. Over the last few months I’ve grown tired of keeping up. I feel pressure, which makes it the opposite of fun. I’ve also felt a sense of dread from chasing the perfect photo.  (My life isn’t the perfect photo and now that I understand, I don’t want it to be.)

While I feel overwhelmed with the backlog of photos and stories to tell, I still want to finish what I started. I made the decision to just print out all the photos and put them in pockets in the 2015 album. If I feel like going back and adding notes and journaling, so be it. But I don’t want the pressure of making it pretty. Not right now.


My November & December booklet cover.

I made myself a traveler’s journal cover back when I decided to use the format for my homemade Week in the Life kit. I’ve been slowly working through my booklets for that project. I’ll show them all when they are done – hopefully before the next WITL rolls around. Again, no pressure. With my change in focus I decided to take a plunge and commit to the traveler’s journal format for my journal/planner/memory keeping. I signed up for a six month Cocoa Daisy Daisy Dori membership to give me more than a gentle nudge.

While I wait for my first kit to arrive (for the month of January) I decided to make up some booklets and stay to play with the format as a planner and such.


I printed both November and December to play with. I started about half way through November and fell completely in love with the format. I save a page to play with for every week. I can fit a few photos in there or just do whatever.


It took me awhile to figure out that I need to decorate in advance or else it doesn’t really work. (incidentally, that’s probably why I failed as using a standard planner.) Another thing that I love is being able to focus on just a few photos at a time. It’s allowed me to choose the photos that mean the most, that speak to the stories I want to tell.


Here you can see the first week of December and how I have it decorated. What I’ve leaned is that I’m not super happy with the weekly format like this. I’m looking forward to the week over two pages spread in Daisy Dori. I’ve also noticed that I’m pulling out my stamps and rubons a lot more.

This new style of memory keeping is in tune with my gradual shift in direction and focus. I’ll be posting more over the next few weeks on the topic. Stay tuned….