Right Now 9.28

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I just realized that I haven’t posted at all this month. I’m also over due for a right now post, so why not do both?

Our lives have finally settled down to a routine. I found myself feeling a bit homesick for much of September. The ennui ran its course when I realized it was mostly from missing the familiar. It’s hard to have everything in your life change. I’m feeling much more present these days and have a lot of good stuff going on.

I’m working a few days a week at Oblation Papers in the Pearl District. I found the place, fell in love, and promptly asked for a job. I’m happy to be out in the community and meeting new people. It’s always interesting and being in town is exciting. There’s so much to see and do. I try to take some time every week to walk down a new street and window shop.

For the first time is more than seven years, we are not homeschooling. Orion is in college and Alexander is in public high school. I’m so wildly proud of them both. They are both doing great and I’m enjoying the free time. Yesterday marked the first day that both of them have been in school. Wow.

Fall is upon us. The trees change color even here in the PNW. We have been exploring trails and camping options near by. The rains have not started yet and the waterfalls are little more than a trickle. Most mornings are foggy, which makes me very happy.

We’ve kept fish tanks for a few years now. We couldn’t resist starting a planted tank once we moved here.

We’ve been on a few hikes:

Ape Cave: Husband’s first foray up to Mount St. Helens.  It’s just over an hour away and a nice little day trip. We explored the lower trail. It was funny being all bundled up on such a hot day. We were glad we brought jackets, hats, and gloves. We also stopped by the Trail of Two Forests, which we thought was much more interesting than Ape Cave. The casts from the burned out trees are very cool.

We went back to Oswald West State Park to hike along the coast to Cape Falcon. The trail was moderately difficult and around 5 miles round trip. We were rewarded with a spectacular view. We stopped and had a picnic lunch at the beach when we were done. There were falcon’s flying along the ridge, hence the name. I loved exploring the tide pools and want to go back soon.

Most recently, we started exploring the Tillamook State Forest. We went to Gales Creek Campground and hiked the trail there. Again, we packed a lunch and had a great day. We are heading back to camp there later in October.

I’m completely smitten with Zilbaldones and commonplace books. I like the idea of keeping them both and I’m working on the how of it all.

We have a Black Moon in a couple of days. Take advantage of the additional opportunity to set intentions. Don’t forget about my handy printable Lunar Phenology Wheel. It’s also fun to use for the change of the seasons.

New kits are coming. I’m not putting any pressure on myself to get these done. I’m working on a few at a time and it’s slow going. I’ll get there and they will be amazing. Look for adventure travel and an enchanting theme coming soon.