Right Now 12.16

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I haven’t done a Right Now post for a couple of months. I love to look back at them and get a little snapshot of our lives, so here goes:


Right now I’m busy, busy, busy. I have so many exciting projects I’m working on and I’m super motivated. I can’t wait to share them.


Right now I’m in the final push for my 2015 album. I got so burned out from feeling behind that I didn’t want to do it any more. I took a break, reassessed my priorities, and in the end, felt invigorated enough to print all the photos through Nov and get them in to pockets. I joined Simple Scrapper for three months to help me get it done.  Low and behold I wanted to scrap again.


(I realize that I’m happiest doing memory keeping that’s current. The further I get away from the moment, the harder it is to do. My aim is to get there and stay there next year. I’m still working out the details.)


Right now I’m keeping a traveler’s notebook. I’m working out the fit for the planner end of things. For the rest of life (lists, notes, ideas, journal, and brain dump) I am in the groove. I’m setting up January now with my Daisy Dori kit.


Right now my color printer finally died. We’ve been through so much together I feel I should write a eulogy. “The HP Deskjet F4280 was eight years old at its time of death. It is survived by its accompanying iMac, which is in retirement.” I knew this time was coming (the HP had been resurrected a number of times…) so I prepared myself emotionally for the loss. Last week I purchased a Canon Pixma Pro-100 from B&H with a $250 rebate.  Hubba hubba.


Right now we decided to opt out of the Christmas hubbub. We’ve been phasing this, and many holidays, out over the past few years due to lack of interest. This year we decided not to exchange gifts, decorate, put up a tree or participate in any way, shape or form with Christmas. It’s been interesting to watch from this vantage point. Alexander did put up a few of the Holiday Houses, which were promptly invaded by storm troopers and an AT-AP.


Right now Orion just finished his first college class, English Composition 101 with an A. Next semester he is taking Biology 101, which will be his last high school class.


Right now both Orion and Alexander are starting Taekwondo. They have gone to sessions with friends a couple of times and really enjoy it. Alexander broke a board his first session. He’s a natural.


Right now it’s been unseasonably warm for this time a year. The grass is still green and we’ve seen buds on some of the trees. It’s been foggy in the morning more often than not. I go for walks and take photos frequently.


Right now Husband had an extra vacation day to use so I took him ice skating. He had never been ice skating before and only roller skated once in grade school. I have to give it to him for being open to it. He’s 6’3″ and old enough to know better. He tried it any way and didn’t fall once. He even asked to go again. Wow.

Right now I’m eating a 1200 calorie a day menu. It’s going well and I feel great being clean from all additives, processed foods, sugar, and white flour. My chronic plantar fasciitis went away immediately. How about that?

Right now my favorite meal right now is this green chickpea and coconut curry. I have a 300 calorie meal board over at Pinterest, if you are interested. For the most part I am modifying regular meals to meet my needs. I’ll post some more on all of that at the beginning of the year.

Right now I’ve spent the last month looking back and reviewing what worked for me and what didn’t over this past year. It’s been enlightening and energizing. I feel grounded and balanced. I have a clear idea of what I want to accomplish. I am really looking forward to 2016.