Today’s project is a thaumatrope. I thought it would be a fun project for Halloween and the kiddies, but it’s a great go-to craft for just about any occasion. Here’s the Wiki on them. Here’s a thaumatrope tutorial on how to make them using scrapbooking supplies:

Step 1
For the grown up version, I finished the inside edge of one side with crepe paper folds.

Step 2
Then add your paper circle. This one is using some patterned paper, but I also used plain cardstock and book pages.

Step 3
If you use thin paper you are going to want to make a cardboard circle to go in the center. This one is from a cereal box.

Step 4
Remember to flip the images so that one is upside down. I used all matter of scrapbooking and crafting supplies to make mine. Remember that skullman file I posted other other day? I used it here and mounted glitter paper behind the eyes. It looks so cool with it spins!

Step 5
I used a thick string and just adhered it to the inside center before adding the other side. I found it easier for the kiddies to do this rather than making a hole and tying the string. And this way you can make a thousand of them in no time.

I made my thaumatrope tutorial using all sorts of scrap supplies, stamps, printed images, stickles, stickers, and book pages. I found making them became quite addicting.