Boy, I love my daffodils. There are one of my most favorite flowers, which you can tell by looking out at my garden. There’s something so hopeful, innocent, and happy about them. In my garden they start blooming at the beginning of April and go until middle May. While that gives me nearly six weeks of daffodils, it still doesn’t feel like enough. I want more!


I found this photo of a daffodil while stumbling and hope that it’s for reals. I’ve searched high and low but can’t find bulbs that come close. Aren’t they the most stunning flowers? It gave me the idea to play with paper daffodils in lots of different colors and patterns. Here’s a paper daffodil tutorial for making your own.


Start with the print and cut pattern I made. Resize it for a variety of sizes.

Step 1
Cut two of the petal patterns out of patterned paper. It doesn’t have to be very thick and double sided is preferred.

Step 2
Punch a small hole in the center of the cut petals. This is where the stem will go in.

Step 3
Apply glue to the center of one of the petals around the hole.

Step 4
Align the second petal over the first, fanning it so that you get a nice shape.

Step 5
I grabbed some twigs and used them for stems. Insert the small end of a stick through the hole in the petals. Add a dab of glue, if needed.

Step 6
I used some crepe paper but I’m sure you could use tissue paper if you want. Cut a strip about 3″ long and 1 1/2 inches wide. This will become your flower center.

Step 7
If you are using crepe paper, stretch out the top of your strip. It creates a ruffled effect. Here you may add some chalk to the edge for detail.

Step 8
Fold the strip over and cut the ends at an angle with the top being the widest.

Step 9
Apply a dollop of adhesive to the center of the flower petals. This gets it ready for the flower center.

Step 10
Wrap the crepe paper around your finger tip and glue the edges together by overlapping a tiny bit. Crease the end down over the tip of your finger creating a cup shape.

Step 11
Adhere the flower center to the middle of the petals. Add detail to the petals by pinching them up at the tips.

Step 12
Cut long leaf shaped strips out of another patterned paper. I cut them freehand for an organic look.

Step 13
Fold the leaves in half so they curl in a bit. Alternate sides so that they have a natural look.

Step 14
Using glue, apply the leaves at the base of the stem. Overlap two on some stems, on others, just use one leaf.

I experimented by using a doily edge for the center of one flower. Don’t be timid to try different papers and colors. Arrange your new daffodils in a vase and display for as long as you want. These are going to be around for a long time and I like that!

I hope you enjoyed my Paper Daffodil Tutorial.