I learned to make this at the IDEA Store for an Earth Day make-n-take. We made them out of pipe cleaners, ribbon, raffia and just about anything we could find. I knew at once that I had to make my own version out of my goodies. It’s a great way to use up small bits of vintage ribbon and fabric.  Here’s the basic instructions.

–  Start with 5-7 stems. I used these paper wrapped floral stems. Something with wire inside is best. You need it to bend at your will. Lay them end to end. I have two on one end and 3 on the other.

–  Using wire wrap the ends together securely.

–  Trim the excess or wrap that over the center wire.

– Fan stems. Space them evenly. You can adjust it a little as you work but they need to be close to where you want them at the start or things get a bit wonky.

–  Start adding your first trim. Tie it to one of the stems. Gradually work your way around the base weaving the trim in and out of the stems. I also alternated wrapping the trip around the stem with weaving in and out. Just keep track of what you are doing to make it even and not lumpy. If the trim is thin you may want to use more than one go-round. Tie off to a stem when you are done with that trim. I make sure to tie at a different stem each time.

–  Continue to add different textures and colors of trim. Once the base is covered you should bend the branches into the basic basket/nest shape. Contunue working up until it’s the size you want.

–  Bend the ends of the stems over the top level of trims to finish the basket/nest edge. You’re done!

I used about 10 different kinds of trims including pearl strands, little floral pieces, satin leaf trim, ribbon, lace, etc. I think I only repeated some of the basic lace and one type of green trim.

Here’s a close up of my finished center. You can see that I’ve packed it pretty full. Let me know if you give it a try. I would like to see what you make!