I’ve been kicking the card stand idea around for awhile. I would love to be able to display a card easily but alas, I only have one frog. So I came up with this decorative stand design that is easily cut out and then folded to include along with a greeting card. Fun, eh?

But even more fun is playing with these little vintage postcard printable. I found them when I was searching for designs to print on fabric the other day. These were really quite simple and look stunning with the popped up elements and a little bit of glitter. Finish with a bow and it’s a keeper for sure.

I love the old Santa with a maritime scene, and the little angel is cute, too. But I love the little snow birds most of all.

Behold the loveliness!

I cut mine out of cardstock at 6″ wide. Score and fold in half. Tada! They are ready to use.

Card Stand
Card Stand
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