Back in November of 2008, I posted a chandelier template and instructions for making it in to an ornament. I had a lot of fun with it, but it was created when I was fairly new to the whole process. I’m a bit more savvy now and figured I was due to make a new one.

This one is a bit more fancy and can be easily make by even small hands after cutting. I made them in a few different colors to go with my tree. I also made one rather large at about 6″ across and another to be around 3″. This files re-sizes very well and give you plenty of options, as you will see.

Here’s what to do:

Step 1
Cut the file out of cardstock weight paper. Cut anywhere from three of them to not more than six. I find that five is my favorite number to work with for both 3D effect and ease of making. I can easily fit five shapes on a sheet of 12 x 12 paper. Remember cut them the same size.

Step 2
Score each of the pieces down the center. This will help your folding.

Step 3
Fold along score and use a bone folder for a nice, sharp edge.

Step 4
Apply glue to one side of folded shape. Glue will go on the outside of fold. Inside is what we will see.

Step 5
Adhere glued side to matching side of next piece. They will probably not match up perfectly unless you have a banging cutter. Mine were a touch off but I don’t mind. You can always use glitter or stickles around the edge, if it bothers you.

Continue to glue all of the sides together except the first and last ones. Leave them open for the next step.

Step 6
Thread a long piece of string, mono-filament, or thread through the center of a dangling bead. Tie off securely with a knot and leave ends long. This will become the top hanging piece for the chandelier. Lay the thread down in between the unglued sides of your chandelier. Line up the dangle with the bottom and long end with the top. Carefully apply glue to one of the sides and adhere to other side thus closing the ornament center.

Have fun decorating and finishing the chandelier. I used a tiny hole punch, some jump rings, and little crystals to finish my large chandelier. You could also use ribbon or lace for the hanger, beads, bling, glitter….you get the picture.

Lastly, make a ton of them and hang them around the top of your tree. The light dances off of them as they gently spin.

If you make one, will you please post a link so I can oooh and ahhh over them?

And we’re off……