New Year, New Blog

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2014 was a good year for me personally, but a horrible year for my blog. I posted only a handful of times. The host server crashed mid-year and I lost it all. Everything. I freaked out. I was ready to walk away. 5+ years of blogging, countless projects, and memories of our adventures were are gone.

I thought long and hard about what to do and in the end I managed to restore the lost data. But I still didn’t post. What the heck? And then it happened…the site was hacked. I’m guessing they got in through the hosting service, Go Daddy, but I can’t say for sure. Take a look at his and decide for yourself.


If you happen to host your site with Go Daddy, you should be aware that before leaving them I was able to access every single site on their server. Every. Single. One.

What I do know is that in the time between finding out it was hacked and now I yearned to post and it drove me nuts that I couldn’t. Time time came to rebuild, restructure, and reconsider. That is how we got to HERE.

I want to remember and honor the past life of my blog so I’m saving all the project photos. This is for my trip down memory lane. I also saved a handful of tutorials to keep. These are the projects that stuck with me over the years like the shape book tutorial, that has around 750,000 views.

I moved my favorite digital files in to a store with instant download. While my style and interests have changed drastically over the years, I wanted to offer the files to readers who still may find them useful. I will be posting new files this year, I am sure.

Lastly, the blog itself. It was a tough decision, but I started from scratch. I felt bogged down by many of the old posts. They were written at a time where I was appeasing advertisers. I don’t have to worry about that now. Ultimately, they just didn’t feel like me any more. My life is so different now, and I feel so different about the world and myself. It was time to say goodbye so that I could move forward. If you are interested in my old work I created a gallery of nearly everything.

I have some cool things planned for this year. I’m looking forward to talking about different subjects and posting new projects. I can tell this will be an amazing year. I’m excited with the future of

Welcome to 2015.


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  1. jengd

    Sometimes, being put in a place where starting over seems like the best choice is the best thing though it’s not an easy thing. Looking forward to seeing more of “you” this year!