June Project Life pages

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I realized that I haven’t posted at all this month. I have a couple of draft posts waiting but I wasn’t feeling it. I have to remind myself to post ONLY because I want to and not because I feel like I have to. That is my number 1 rule for re-designing and resurrecting this blog.

June & July have been super busy. This means I have less down time, sometimes only one day per week. I’ve managed to keep up on my monthly pages, make a bit of jewelry, and still take lots of photos. I have to remind myself that we have a long winter with plenty of downtime to do my stuff.


june1bThis page is using mostly Blinks of Life Marionette kit



june2bAs much as we play Ingress, I felt I had to include it. June was the month we discovered the game and spent
a lot of time running around town exploring, hacking portals, and collecting weapons. 😉


june3bThis was only the second time I’ve used the 2B style page dividers. On one hand, it’s a great way to use a bunch of photos.
On the other hand, it’s difficult to keep the page from looking too busy.

june4aHere’s the flip side of the 2B page. I tried something different with the photos by cropping them smaller and having
more space at the bottom. It’s interesting to try something different.

june-insert1Here I used one of the inserts from the Memory Planner. I really wanted to include this photo but didn’t want to do an entire spread. Yes, going outside was on Mr. Baby’s bucket list.

june-insert2The other side…another photo I really wanted to include.

juneplanner1Lastly, here is my planner page for the month. I experimented with watercolor pencils instead of markers and changed things up a bit while still using the same basic plan.

My June planner pages feel busy and uninspired. I’m focusing too much on information and not enough on the nuances of the day to day experience. This is something I need to wrestle through before I start July.