Curating Interests, Part 1

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curating interests part 1

The topic of curating our lives is not new. Like many of you, I started with the Life Changing Habit of Tidying Up earlier in the year. By November, it had shifted to curating my life. I took an inventory of my goals and interests to see where I stood. I removed the outmoded and outdated interests from my purview. Out of this experience I created a list of goals and objectives to make me happy. The process has been incredibly liberating. It gave me permission to let go. It pointed me in the direction of happiness.

What better way to end the year and start the next? I followed these steps to curate my interests.

How this Works

Grab a notebook, pen, post-its, and highlighter pen. Read the assignment and then write. We start by brain-dumping each topic.

This is for getting everything out of you and in to a notebook. Then you will organize the thoughts. Finally, you will have list to work with to set goals and clear idea of how to make an action plan. You are ready to move on when you have nothing more to write on the topic. Take a few days or a week to let the ideas settle, proofread your notes, and write more. Use the post-its for ideas that come to you during your normal routine. Highlight. Summarize. Make your list.

The only way this works is to be honest. Brutally honest. Don’t phone it in. Be comprehensive and complete.

Topic 1: Time

How do you spend your time? We will begin by looking at what to keep, what to change, and the interests to let go of entirely.

  • Make a list of unfinished projects and tasks. Brain-dump a list all the everything you can think of…every craft project, every thing you purchased to make something, and every house project.  This is where you own all the ideas you still kick around in your head. EVERYTHING. Take your time. Things will pop in to your head throughout a normal day. Be ready to take notes. This is the unfinished list.  Now sort this list in to three new lists: Want to do, Need to do, let it go.

the unfinished listAt some point this summer I completely lost interest in keeping a planner. I also became burned out on pocket scrapbooking. I have two albums to finish from past vacations. I have sewing projects I want to do and feel that I need to do. All of these things weighed heavy on my mind. Even when I did have time and interest to do them I felt guilty from being behind, not getting enough done, etc. The cycle of negative thoughts interfered with my enjoyment to the point where I didn’t want to think about creating or making stuff. It wasn’t fun. So, get it out of you and on to paper.

  • How do you spend your down time? Do you read? What books do you enjoy the most? You like watching tv or Netflix? What do you watch that nourishes you? Do you spend time on Facebook, surfing, watching Youtube videos? List all the things you do and how much time you think you spend per day/week doing those things. What do you get out of the activity? Highlight the ones that make you happy/feel good. This exercise isn’t about productivity, it’s about identifying what makes us happy, what nourishes and makes us feel inspired and GOOD.


Now that we have an idea of how we spend our time and what we want to do, we can start to make choices. This is curating.

Join me for the next part in this series on Curating Interests coming soon.