Introducing: Cheekymagpie Kits

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Wilder Kit


Introducing: Cheekymagpie Kits

I came up with the idea of making kits after my Caribbean vacation. There’s something about stepping away from the day to day that allows ideas to flourish. The idea came out of a longing for more physical and spiritual connection to nature. It’s about being present, mindful, and observant. It’s about using all of your senses to be in the moment. I love that.

Cheekymagpie kits are made up of stamps, diecuts, and unique embellishments that are the type of thing I’ve always wanted but have never seemed to find anywhere else. These are limited edition kits, and because of that I am able to make things that larger companies cannot. They are unique, curated, coordinated kits on themes that are under represented in the traditional paper crafting industry. I made a cool laser cut bookmark, beautiful clear stickers, and a stamp set with images I have never been able to find else. I’m thrilled with the results.

Kits will be released almost monthly in the foreseeable future. (I’m in the middle of a cross country move, so the next kit will be around August.) I also have some small batches of stamp sets that enhance the theme of the kits or work alone. These will be released in conjunction with some kits. Follow me on Instagram for sneaks and info when the kits become available. I anticipate them selling out quickly.

I hope you like them.

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