Culinary Bucket List

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Champaign-Urbana (C-U) has become a foodie paradise over the last decade. I chalk it up to a number of factors: a constant influx of new people because of the university, the developed palettes of the silicon prairie peeps, but mostly … Continued

Tortellini & Dill Veggie Salad

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This is my standard picnic salad I bring to family events and make throughout the summer. It’s easy, amazingly good, and great with just about anything prepared on the grill. We have it with salmon or brats, it’s that universal. … Continued

Easy Paella Recipe

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This is the closest thing I make to a casserole. It’s by far my family’s favorite all round dish. I make it about once a month all year long. Its wonderful in the winter on a cold snowy day but … Continued