Lunar Phenology Wheels

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Phenology is the study of cyclic and seasonal natural phenomena. Most often, Phenology is used in relation to climate and plant and animal life. (If you are a gardener you are probably familiar with the term.) Because Phenology deals with … Continued

Right Now 12.16

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I haven’t done a Right Now post for a couple of months. I love to look back at them and get a little snapshot of our lives, so here goes:   Right now I’m busy, busy, busy. I have so … Continued

frozen fog

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We’ve had the strangest weather the last two days. We don’t usually have fog in December. When we do, it freezes. I went for a walk with my camera and these are my favorite shots.These are SOOC. Let me know … Continued

fall camping and hiking

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I keep meaning to post about our camping trips, but gosh, there have been so many they are starting to blur together. The gear is finally packed up for the season. We camped quite a bit this fall, it’s something … Continued

Honesty in Photography

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I follow a few photo blogs. I usually just look at the pretty pictures but once in awhile a title grabs my attention. I read The Importance of Weakness in Photography and it got me to thinking about how I … Continued

July Project Life pages

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I’ve been chasing the light trying to take photos of my July Project Life pages. Since the light changed, I can’t find a good place to shoot layout photos. I finally gave up and decided to post these, warts and … Continued

Right Now 9.29

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I know I’ve been quiet here lately. Its not for lack of doing stuff. Time is flying by. While it’s still pretty warm and humid, the nights are cooler and the trees are starting to turn. This is some of … Continued