On Photographing Teens

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I’ve struggled for some time now with photographing the boys. They are both in the throws of teenage-dom and less than cooperative to participate when I’m snapping pics. After our epic vacation I noticed that there were hardly any photos … Continued

Recent Scores

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My ban on buying went out the window some time ago. I’m hanging my head in shame. No I’m not. I’m playing with all the cool goodies I scored! To make room for stuff, I took three boxes of stuff … Continued

Right Now 4.26

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I’ve been working on taking photos every day. I’m trying to focus on the little moments that make up our daily experiences. It’s not always the easiest thing to do with two self conscious teens. Alexander will usually accommodate me … Continued

Experimenting with Watercolors

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Nearly every day for the last two weeks has involved some adventure of sorts. Between running around with the boys for different appointments and meetings, along with foggy mornings that call to me to go out and walk, walk, walk…bike … Continued

Right Now 4.4

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  We are making the shift from winter to spring around here. I have the worst time when the season’s haven’t quite changed yet. I get bored with everything: clothing, food, routine. It was doubly hard returning to normal life … Continued

What I did on my vacation….Part 2

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I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around telling this story. It’s difficult because we did so much over a chunk of time. I thought about just telling it in photos, too. To be honest, I haven’t been able to … Continued

Back Home

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I am back home after two weeks in the Caribbean. Tired. Invigorated. Excited. Relaxed. There’s so much to do, but I’m not rushing it. There’s so much to share, but there’s time for that, too. Right now, I am here. … Continued