April Project Life pages

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I finally finished my April pages. I took so many photos in April, I had my camera in hand most of the time which means I was inspired. We were busy and it shows. It feels like the spreads are getting away from me. I was in a rush to get it done this month. Hmmm…maybe the frantic pages are a reflection on what was going on? Probably. Note I’m still using my planner pages in my album. Sometimes I forget to take photos of that.

(Ihaven’t been able to get good photos of the spreads. The sun has also shifted enough that my go-to photo spot is no longer usable. I shot these three different times and still couldn’t quite get it right. Anyone else have this problem with the change of the seasons? Alas, it was time to move on so here they are.)





So there you have it. Not my favorite spreads ever. Not at all. But it’s done. Sometimes you just have to say it’s enough and cut it lose, right?


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  1. Jennifer

    Thanks for the shot of your Heidi Swapp insert in the album. I totally get it now!