Antioxidant Herbal Tea recipe

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Antioxidant Herbal Tea Recipe

This tea blend is my every day, go to, all around favorite. I created a flavor profile based loosely on what Teavana does with their youthberry blend. Though my version is 1) much less expensive 2) all natural, and 3) not quite the same.

Here are our players and how much to use for each in the blend:

Antioxidant Herbal Tea Recipe

White Peony: 1

This comes from the new leaf shoots on the tea plant. White peony tea is naturally low in caffeine and packed with antioxidants. It’s also the most delicious and slightly sweet tea I’ve ever tried. It’s smooth and almost floral so it’s perfect for a base in this blend.

Lemongrass: 1

Lemongrass is an antioxidant, diuretic, and helps digestion. It has a mild lemon flavor that is slightly sweet. To me, lemongrass has a fresh green flavor that balances with the floral and fruit elements of this blend.

Hibiscus: 1

Hibiscus is a sort of magical plant. It is beneficial for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, but it’s also fruity and so tasty. I’ve been making hibiscus sun tea for the kids for years. They think it tastes like fruit punch when steeped for a long time. In this blend, it brings a lot of flavor to the party.

Rose Petals: 1

Rose petals are packed with vitamin C, help fight infection, and eliminate toxins in the body. In large quantities it can give you diarrhea so don’t go overboard! They bring a very mild rose fragrance to the cup along with a subtle tanginess. Make sure you use organic rose petals sold for culinary use. I use only the flower petals for my tea blend. If you want more of a crisp flavor, you may want to use the rose buds whole.

Dried Fruit: 1/4

Most dried fruits work for this blend, though I prefer peach, apricot, mango, papaya, pineapple, and even golden raisins. The dried fruit adds just a touch of sweetness without having to add honey or sugar. You may add the dried fruit to the blend or as you make individual cups. A thin slice of apples a great substitute when added to the cup as it steeps.

Açaí  Berry: 1/8

This stuff was wildly popular a few years ago. Açaí berries contain a lot more antioxidants that other berries and have a unique fruity flavor. I use it in the tea in powdered form where it will coat all of the other ingredients. Keep in mind, a little goes a long way. Too much of it will dominate the flavors in this blend.

Antioxidant Herbal Tea Recipe


It might be a little effort to gather the ingredients, but it’s well worth the effort. Not only is it healthy but it’s relaxing and enjoyable all year round.  I hope you get a chance to enjoy a cup of this amazing tea.